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Dr Michael Mosley and Dr Clare Bailey - Eat (well), Sleep (better), Live (longer) - CANCELLED

For the first time ever, husband and wife team Dr Michael Mosley and Dr Clare Bailey are embarking on a joint UK theatre tour, with their much-anticipated, brand new stage show EAT (Well), SLEEP (Better), LIVE (Longer!).

Over the years Dr Michael Mosley and Dr Clare Bailey have changed lives with their international bestselling books, award-winning programmes (Trust Me I’m A Doctor), and chart topping podcast (Just One Thing). Michael has sold over 5 million paperback copies in the English language and over 630k ebooks (The Fast 800, Fast 800 Recipe Book), with Clare’s recipe books reaching Number 1 on each publication.

In what will be an informative, entertaining and highly interactive live show, the health gurus will do some cooking demos and share amazing facts about what we can do to help maintain a healthy lifestyle…..

“Dr Mosley is a brilliant Mr Motivator”
The Times

Dr Mosley is lucid, informed, clever
Daily Telegraph

One of our favourite doctors of all time 
Chris Evans, broadcaster

  • Standard Price: £25.00 | £27.00 | £30.00
  • Wheelchair user plus one companion (please contact Box Office on 02920 878444) @ £25.00 per ticket
  • Time Credits (please contact Box Office on 02920 878444): 2 credits

Plus an optional £2.00 postage fee.
For Hynt tickets, please contact Box Office on 02920 878444.  Limited availability – please book early to avoid disappointment.

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Did You Know….

  • Drinking beetroot juice brings your blood pressure down and increases your physical performance by making your blood vessels expand
  • Slow deep breathing switches on your parasympathetic nervous system, slowing your heart, calming you down and making it easier to fall asleep
  • One of the main reasons middle aged women put on weight is because they are not eating enough protein; protein is the single biggest driver of hunger and current recommended protein levels are way too low, particularly for menopausal women
  • You get fitter and burn more calories when walking downstairs than walking up
  • One of the reasons dancing makes us feel so good is because it leads to the release of cannabis-like substances in our blood.
  • Drinking red wine can protect your heart, reduce your risk of diabetes and give your gut health a boost.

Michael studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford and then became an investment banker before retraining as a doctor at London’s Royal Free Hospital. He realised this wasn’t really for him, and he joined the BBC as a trainee assistant producer and over the ensuing 25 years has made numerous science and history documentaries for the BBC, first behind the camera and more recently as a presenter.

Clare has been a GP for more than 30 years,and has a particular interest in promoting diet and lifestyle changes for weight loss, reducing blood sugars, and reversing type 2 diabetes. Having seen the benefit in patients coming off medication, feeling fitter and healthier, as well as experiencing improvements in other related metabolic conditions such as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, hypertension, lipids, arthritis, and other inflammatory conditions she is passionate about making these more available.

Michael is no stranger to the stage having toured successfully in 2019 with his hit show  Trust Fast Health which saw himexplode common health myths and offer fascinating insights into the workings of the human body. 

With mental and physical health problems on the rise, Michael and Clare will inspire simple changes to transform your life, so we can all Eat (Well), Sleep (Better), Live (Longer!).