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DEXYS today announce a full UK Tour for 2022 and reworking of their classic album ‘Too-Rye Ay, as it should have sounded’, in what will be the 40th Anniversary of the original album.

The album has been masterfully reworked and remixed by Kevin Rowland, Pete Schwier and original violinist Helen O’ Hara. The album will be released in this brand new way and sound next year via Universal on various formats and the band will head out on the road to perform the album in full with other Dexys favourites live at a venue near you. 

The band, on tour, will be performing hits like ‘Come On Eileen’, ‘Jackie Wilson Said’ ‘The Celtic Soul Brothers’ and ‘Geno’ to mention a few.  

Kevin Rowland said; "For many years, I’ve struggled with ‘Too Rye Ay’. 

I was never happy with many of the mixes on the record. Tracks like ‘Eileen’, and one or two others were really good, but with most others, while I felt the performances were really good, that didn’t come over properly in the mixes.  

I even felt fraudulent promoting the album, because I knew it didn’t sound as good as it should have. 

And of course, the irony was, it was by far our most successful Dexys album, because of the worldwide success of ‘Come On Eileen’.  

I knew there were other songs on there just as good as ‘Eileen’, but they hadn’t been realised properly. 

So, I was absolutely delighted to get this opportunity to remix the album with the masterful Pete Schwier who has worked with Dexys since 1985 and Helen O’ Hara {Original violinist on the album}, is also helping. 

I’m so into doing this album, that we are doing shows to promote it, next year, where we will play the whole of the album from start to finish, as well as other Dexys favourites. 

There is no way on earth I would be doing this tour or even promoting a normal 40th anniversary re-issue, if it wasn’t for the opportunity to remix it and present it how it could have sounded. 

This is like a new album for me. It is an absolute labour of love. 

I want people to hear the album as it was meant to sound."

Left to right: Sean Read, Kevin Rowland, Helen O’Hara, and Big Jimmy Paterson.
Credit: Sandra Vijandi


  • Standard Price*: £35.50 | £40.50 | £50.50 | £63
  • Wheelchair user plus one companion* (please contact Box Office on 02920 878444): £35.50 each ticket

*Max 6 tickets per person/transaction

Plus an optional £2.00 postage fee.
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