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Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra: The Planets - VENUE & DATE CHANGE

Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra
Michael Bell MBE         Conductor
Pavel Ralev                  Guitar

Choristers from Llandaff Cathedral Choir
Director Stephen Moore

A spectacular concert featuring music that is out of this world….literally so!
Holst’s awesome suite The Planets takes us around our Solar System. Scored for huge orchestra and ethereal voices the piece consists of:

Mars           The Bringer of War
Venus         The Bringer of Piece
Mercury      The Winged Messenger
Jupiter        The Bringer of Jollity
Saturn        The Bringer of Old Age
Uranus        The Magician
Neptune      The Mystic

There’s also music from space movies:
Star Trek
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Apollo 13 (Welsh Premiere)
First Man (Welsh Premiere of music from the film starring Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong)
Treasure Planet (Welsh Premiere)

  • Standard Price: £8.00 | £11.00 | £13.00 | £19.00 | £25.00
  • Series Offer: Book for all three CPO concerts and save 25% (13 Oct 23, 1 Dec 23, and 15 March 24)
  • Friends of St David's Hall | Students | Over 60s | Claimants: £2.00 off top two price band tickets
  • Under 18s: £6.50 (excluding Stalls and Tier 1)
  • 19-25 year olds: £10.00 (excluding Stalls and Tier 1)
  • Wheelchair user plus one companion (please contact Box Office on 02920 878444): £8.00 per person.
  • Time Credits (please contact Box Office on 02920 878444): 2 credits

Please note, the above concessions are ONLY AVAIALBLE ON SINGLE TICKETS and not on Series Offer.

Plus an optional £2.00 postage fee.
For Hynt tickets, please contact Box Office on 02920 878444.  Limited availability – please book early to avoid disappointment.

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