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Cardiff Ukulele Festival

  • Level 3 Lounge

Ukulele Wolves are proud to present their 7th, Annual Ukulele Festival.   Ukulele Bands from South Wales, West of England, Mid Wales and the Midlands will perform as well as our own Wolves. The Songbook for the Grand Jam Session is available to download from Facebook or from the website: www.ukulelewolvescardiff.co.uk 

Players and public are invited to listen or join in the singing of many popular songs.  Music and lyrics will be displayed on a large screen. 

Ukulele Wolves meet at the Wolf's Castle Inn every Monday evening from 7.30pm 'till 10.00pm, with players of all abilities.  New members are always welcomed.

Standard Price £3.50

Plus an optional £1.50 postage fee.

Sold out