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CPO: 25 Years of...A Night at the Movies

A long time ago…in a concert hall far, far away (well, in 1994) Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra performed what was to be a one-off programme of film music.  CPO’s conductor Michael Bell has always been a great enthusiast for film music and wanted CPO and audiences to share his passion for movie scores. 

In December 2019, CPO celebrates 25 years of A Night at the Movies with some of the most popular and often requested from the many, many titles presented over the years.  We hope some of your favourites are here, including: 

Star Wars (A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and The Force Awakens)
Harry Potter
Pirates of the Caribbean
The Jungle Book
Star Trek
633 Squadron
Miss Marple
Breakfast at Tiffany’s 

Plus Gershwin in Hollywood and Tribute to the Film Composer. 

Countdown to Christmas with this great celebration of fantastic music.

 Standard Price  £8.00   Stalls (C-E sides), Tier 3 (rear), 7 (rear), 9 & 13
£11.00 Stalls (C-E centre) Tiers 10, 12, 3 (front) and 7 (front)
£13.00 Tiers 2, 8, 11
£19.00 Stalls
£25.00 Tier 1
 Children under 18 £6.50 Not available in Stalls or Tier 1 
 19 - 25 year olds £10.00 Not available in Stalls or Tier 1  
 Friends of St David's Hall |  Students | Over 60s | Claimants £2 off top two prices 
 Wheelchair user plus one companion (please contact Box Office on 02920 878444)
£8.00 each ticket (available on single tickets only, not on Series Offer) 
Time Credits (please contact Box Office on 02920 878444) 2 credits
Series Offer - book all three St David's Hall concerts and save 25% 
(please contact Box Office on 02920 878444)

 Plus an optional £1.50 postage fee. 
*For Hynt tickets, please contact Box Office on 02920 878444. Limited availability - please book early to avoid disappointment.

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