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Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 2

 Alexander Vedernikov   Conductor 
 Boris Giltburg  Piano                                                         
 Rachmaninov  Piano Concerto No. 2
 Schubert  Symphony No. 9

Rachmaninov's most popular concerto and Schubert's final symphony invite the listener to settle back and lose sense of time: to relax, breathe out and let themselves be swept along.

Opening gestures can say a lot. The tolling piano chords in the first bars of Rachmaninov’s second concerto are iconic in their own right, presaging a tempestuous journey and a heady romance. And the horn-call that launches Schubert’s final masterpiece is the perfect gesture for a work that delights in the majesty of nature. Both works are broad and generous in their design, sweeping the listener up in exultant long lines.

Age Restrictions
Please note that all BBC NOW concerts are recorded live for BBC Radio broadcast. Patrons are encouraged to bring along children and take advantage of Family Tickets, but please be aware that any noise can be picked up on the broadcast. No content is unsuitable for children, but there may be extended periods of loud music. BBC NOW concerts are generally suitable for ages 7+, but parents will be the best judge of whether their children are able to sit quietly for a long time. We would also advise taking an aisle seat so they can exit easily if needed.

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  £22.00 Tiers 10 & 12
  £29.00 Stalls, Tiers 4, 6, 10, 11 & 12
  £36.00  Stalls, Tiers 3, 7 & 11
  £41.00 Stalls, Tiers 1, 2 & 8
Under 26 £5.00 
Family Ticket (1 adult and 1-2 children) £15.00 (Not available online; collect at Box Office only) 
Family Ticket (2 adults and 1-4 children) £20.00 (Not available online; collect at Box Office only) 
Students (with valid student ID) £5.00 
Over 65s | Disabled people plus one companion £13.50 | £19.80 | £26.10 | £32.40 | £36.90 
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£15.00 each ticket 
Groups 10+ (Please contact Box Office on 02920 878444) 15% off 

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