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St David's Hall is currently closed 

St David's Hall is closed to the public until Monday 2 November 2020 as we are adhering to the advice provided by the UK Government. The safety of our patrons, staff and artists are of utmost importance. Please keep checking the website for the latest updates.

Should you need to contact us, please call our temporary number on 07391 791934. The phone line is manned Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 4.00pm. Please bear with us as the line will be busy and please note, unfortunately we cannot respond to texts and messages left on this number.

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St David's Hall draws the curtain on single use plastics

St David's Hall draws the curtain on single use plastics

One of Cardiff's most iconic venues has committed to removing all single-use, disposable plastics from its operations by the end of next month.

St David's Hall, the National Concert Hall and Conference Centre of Wales has pledged to replace plastic beer glasses, straws, drink stirrers and vending cups with sustainable, biodegradable alternatives which will decompose naturally, with no harmful effects on the environment. We now only use environmentally-friendly compostable corn starch for our disposable glassware.

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