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The African Children's Choir

Over thirty years ago, Ray Barnett was on a humanitarian trip to war-torn Uganda when he gave a small boy a ride from his decimated home to the safety of another village. During the journey, the child did what he knew how to do best – he sang.

That simple song of dignity and hope became the catalyst for a program that has changed the lives of thousands of children and reshaped the future of the African continent. -
Music for Life now operates in seven countries in Africa.

The African Children’s Choir continues to tour every year, raising funds.

Standard Price £9.00 | £10.00 | £11.00 | £12.00
Children Under 12 £5.00

Plus an optional £1 postage fee for tickets to be posted.

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Through their voice and their music, the children of the Choir are taking Africa to the rest of the world. They are the victims of a terrible pandemic, but they are also the promise and future of Africa. For over 29 years, the African Children’s Choir™ has been performing throughout North America and the United Kingdom.

Each year a new choir is selected from children who are not only musical, but who also come from some of Africa’s most desperate villages. Many have lost one or both parents to poverty or disease.

The children sing on behalf of their brothers, their sisters, their friends, and their village. Their songs bring great joy to those who hear them, but through their songs they are asking for help.

Each child in the Choir has a story. They have experienced more tragedy in their young lives than most of us will ever know in a lifetime. Yet, each child has a dream - a hope for tomorrow. They want to be teachers, doctors, musicians and pilots.

The African Children’s Choir is committed to making these dreams a reality.

Supporting the African Children’s Choir will help build schools and deliver education throughout Africa in Uganda, Rwanda, Sudan, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa.

They make their only appearance in Wales at St David's Hall Cardiff on :- Friday May 26th 7-30 pm and are joined by 400 Local Primary School Children.

18.00 Bars open - hot beverages and snacks available                
19.30 START
20.20 Interval
21.15 FINISH


PLEASE NOTE: Running times are approximate and supplied for guidance only.  They may be subject to change