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Shanti Sadan – Meditation and Non-Duality

Meditation is an effective way to gain valuable life-skills like relaxation, concentration, empathy, and fresh, creative thinking.

And it can be much more than this. Meditation can lead us to the discovery of the deeper Self, our true identity, which lies beyond the thoughts and moods on the surface of the mind. This level of our being is free of the limitations that constrict our workaday minds, and here the fundamental unity with all is a living truth.

The traditional teachings of non-duality draw our attention to this enduring reality in our hearts.  Meditation, and the related practices, and the means by which we can discover this in our own experience. It is here that we may find lasting inner freedom, fulfilment and fearlessness.

The event will include talks on the essential teachings of non-duality, and guided meditation sessions with practices that we can learn and take up regularly for ourselves.

Everyone is welcome, admission is free.

(Please note, the event would not be of interest to children, and no creche facilities are available.)

For more information see shantisadan.org/cardiff2018   


Registration is not required, but it would help us with organisation to know if you are thinking of coming.  Please follow this link  to let us know.

13.30  START
15.00  Break
16.30  FINISH                                                                   

PLEASE NOTE: Running times are approximate and supplied for guidance only.  They may be subject to change.