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Frigg (Finland)

Fizzing Finnish Fiddle Septet
hot fiddles from cool Scandinavia
Songlines’ Top Of The World choice

Kukka Lehto fiddle
Alina Järvelä fiddle
Tero Hyväluoma fiddle
Tommi Asplund fiddle
Anssi Salminen guitar
Petri Prauda mandolin, cittern
Juho Kivivuori double bass

A leading act on the Nordic scene, Frigg have dazzled Celtic Connections, The Scots Fiddle Festival, Fiddles On Fire, Cambridge Folk Festival, Orkney Folk Festival & many more. There’s an enthusiastic appreciation of their fiddle-founded Nordgrass sound  -  a mix of Nordic folk and bluegrass. Possibly the most exciting, uplifting, gut-wrenching & hip-twitching band in the Northern Hemisphere. Don’t miss this blizzard of jigs, reels & bluegrass inventions.

Scandomusic as good as it gets! New album Frost on Fiddles www.frigg.fi

Frigg’s Finnish Fiddle Tunes workshop for all string players
LEVEL 3, 5.30pm - 6.30pm, £10

For all string players, not just fiddlers! Band members offer a stirring string experience of Scandinavian tunes  -  jigs, reels, polkas, schottisches, waltzes  -  taught by ear but with the offer of scores for future reference. For next generation players, intermediate & established players. Classical, traditional, jazz and folk players all welcome!!

Please note, workshop tickets only available when purchasing a ticket for the concert.

Please click here to book.


Standard Price                            £15 in advance | £16 on the day
Children 15 years and under £5

Friends of St David's Hall | Children under 16 | Students | Claimants |Over 60s | Disabled people plus one companion

£2 off

REACT Members (ages 16-25) (see here how to become a React member) | (No TSC applies)                       


Fiddles workshop

£10 (only available when purchasing with concert ticket)

Plus a Ticket Service Charge (TSC) of £3.95 per transaction (applicable to both 'in advance' and 'on the day' tickets) and an optional £1 postage fee for tickets to be posted.  For full information on the Ticket Service Charge click here  

Please note, the Hynt scheme is only applicable on the main concert.

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irresistible’ The Herald

‘Nordgrass rocks!’ Alex Monaghan, The Living Tradition

‘This is Blazin’ Fiddles on steroids!’ Jim Byrne

‘feisty riff-based schottische, playful animated polka, lyrical pastoral waltz and reflective newgrass  -  the very experience of listening to which is enough to entice one to travel some distance to see Frigg perform live’ David Kidman www.netrhythms.co.uk

‘Frigg’s an unfailingly exciting live band, a world-travelling, ecstatic wall of four fiddles in unison and harmony backed by chugging, tight and never thrashed guitar, cittern or mandolin and double bass in big, swingy, all-carrying original tunes at the prow of the Kaustinen sound’ Andrew Cronshaw, fRoots

‘Nordgrass rocks! Take the chilling modal melodies and fiddle harmonies of Nordic music, add the in-your-face showmanship of bluegrass, and then throw in all the rock music recklessness that you'd never get away with in either genre: that's Nordgrass, and Frigg do it brilliantly.’ Alex Monaghan, The Living Tradition

‘A Finnish supergroup…-  a very exciting sound and lots of momentum. A lot of energy , driving rhythms and key changes ; the tunes are a non-stop whirlwind’ Phil Brown, The Drift, BBC Radio Lancs

‘a great bolstering fiddle act - absolutely marvellous’ The Durbervilles, BBC Radio Leeds

‘Their superbly matched four fiddle frontline, buoyant string rhythm section and dynamic arrangements, complete with humorously choreographed movements, proved irresistible’ The Herald

'A wonderful outfit – seven artists and when they combine their talents the music is stunning. Amazing - I can’t help but sit back and throw up my arms in admiration – fabulous stuff’ Frank Hennessy, BBC Radio Wales

‘galvanic live shows … during the recent US tour an appearance on Garrison Keillor’s famous networked radio show A Prairie Home Companion had the studio audience baying for an encore. That’s the way it’s turning out wherever they play’ Andrew Cronshaw

‘I don’t often get the shivers when I hear a new album, but this did it for me. ‘Chris Haigh www.fiddlingaround.co.uk

‘Fiddling but not as we know it… Musicianship of the highest quality with more than a hint of mischief & wonder. A hair-raising, voice-losing, heart-burstingly beautiful gig full of traditional Finnish tunes with Norwegian detours.’ UK Touring

‘Embracing everything from Nashville to Nordkapp, Salzburg to Stornoway, this Helsinki septet manages to sound like a polka band, a rock group, or a Riverdance ensemble, while remaining purely acoustic and firmly string-powered. Four fiddles, an upright bass, guitars and mandos: that's all there is, but Frigg fill the air, live or on CD.’ Alex Monaghan, Folkworld