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Kenneth Loveland Gift Winners 2015

Francina Moll Salord, Violin
Anna Szalucka, Piano


 Ravel  - Sonatine  (piano)                12'
 Prokofiev - Sonata (solo violin)   12'
 Debussy  - Sonata (violin and piano)  15'
 Szymanowski - Nocturne and Tarantella for (violin and piano)   10' 

Born in Gdansk, Anna arrived at the Royal Academy of Music in 2014. In 2016 she won the Talinn International Piano Competition. Anna has given many solo recitals as well as appearing with the Bukolika Trio.

Born in Menorca, Francina studied at the Purcell School before moving to the Royal College of Music. She recently played with the Symphony Orchestra of Barcelona and is now with the Southbank Sinfonia Orchestra.

The Kenneth Loveland Gift was founded in 2000 to commemorate and continue Kenneth's work of helping young musicians. A Gift is awarded annually to an exceptional performance student at the advanced post graduate level.


 Arrive at the Hall in time for the 1pm performance and pay what you feel is appropriate.

13.00 START                                                                          
14.00 FINISH

 PLEASE NOTE: Running times are approximate and supplied for guidance only.  They may be subject to c  change.