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Jose Zalba Smith, Flute and Jan Willem Nelleke, Piano

 J W Nelleke   Variations on an Imaginary Theme   6' 
 David Lang  Vent  8' 
 Bent Sorensen   2 Nocturnes  7'
 Ian Clarke  The Great Train Race   5'
 John Metcalf   Calm  4'
 Steve Reich  Vermont Counterpoint   10' 
 Javier Zalba  Divertimento  5'

Flautist Jose Zalba Smith explores the contemporary flute repertoire and showcases the instrument’s incredible versatility.  His programme includes the intricate rhythms and textures of Steve Reich, Ian Clarke’s The Great Train Race (a highly entertaining piece that sounds exactly like it’s title!), John Metcalf’s evocation of an idyllic summer holiday along with works by his Dutch accompanist Jan Willem Nelleke and Cuban father, Javier Zalba.

In association with the Vale of Glamorgan Festival.


 Arrive at the Hall in time for the 1pm performance and pay what you feel is appropriate.

13.00 START
14.00 FINISH                                                                          

PLEASE NOTE: Running times are approximate and supplied for guidance only.  They may be subject to change.