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Naomi’s Wild & Scary

  • Half term

The famous children’s TV presenter Naomi Wilkinson (Naomi's Nightmares of Nature, Wild and Weird,  Live 'n Deadly, Countryfile,  Milkshake) comes to St David's Hall this Easter/Easter holidays. The show will be packed full of fun and surprises as Naomi is joined, live on stage, by some really scary creatures, including a Carpet Python, Alligator Snapping Turtle, a giant centipede, and a tarantula!    With up-close handy cam action, a giant screen and loads of interaction, you’ll have a wild, scary and fun time with Naomi in this new live show.

Join Naomi as she brings alive some of her most exciting wildlife experiences from the far flung corners of the world and introduces you to some of the most fierce and frightening animals she met along the way! 

The show is suitable for kids of all ages and guarantees a great time for the whole family.

For some fun, why not try the interactive quiz and see how many questions you get right.


Standard Price £18.50 all areas
Children under 16 £15.50 
Friends of St David's Hall | Students | Claimants | Over 60s |
Disabled people plus one companion
£3.00 off
Family Ticket (Family of 4) £62.00

Ticket Service Charge of £3.95 per transaction and an optional £1.00 postage fee for tickets to be posted.  For full information on the Ticket Service Charge click here

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FUN FACT! Carpet Pythons have been known to curl up in people’s toilets!

FUN FACT! Giant centipedes eat lizards, frogs, birds and even mice.

FUN FACT! Tarantula can shoot barbed hairs at animals who try to eat them.

FUN FACT! A cockroach can live for a week without its head.

FUN FACT! One milligram of poison from a golden poison dart frog is enough to kill between 10 & 20 people.

FUN FACT! Female praying mantis often eat male praying mantis.

FUN FACT! Some stick Insects can break off legs and then regrow them in order to escape predators.

FUN FACT! Whip spiders have eight legs but only use six for walking.

FUN FACT! Fossil evidence suggests that millipedes may have been the first animals to ever walk on land.

FUN FACT! Giant African Land Snails may feed on bones to get the calcium they need to grow their giant shells.

FUN FACT! Part of an alligator snapping turtle’s tongue looks like a worm, in order to lure fish into its mouth.

Click here to download Naomi's Wild & Scary colouring sheet.