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Festival of Diversity

Set in eastern Malaysia on the Borneo island, Puteri Santubong and Puteri Sejinjang are the bravest warrior princesses, eternally revered by the people of Sarawak. This tale revolves around two warrior princesses who quelled the cries of war in Sarawak. However, peace was fleeting as it was torn apart by their infatuation with supremacy and affection. Will their love for each other triumph over their yearning for love, or will they not stop until either one's defeat? The mission and purpose for the people of Sarawak are at risk- will the warrior princesses sustain it or will they let their hatred get in the way? 

Standard Price £11.00
Children under 16 £2 off

Plus an optional £1 postage fee for tickets to be posted.

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18.00 Bar opens - hot beverages and snacks available                
19.30 START
20.50 Interval
22.30 FINISH

PLEASE NOTE: Running times are approximate and supplied for guidance only.  They may be subject to change