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Abstruckt Ensemble and the Vickers Bovey Duo

Our second NightMusic event brings a dynamic double bill, combining the guitar artistry of the Vickers Bovey Duo and the incisive percussion of Abstruckt Ensemble. 

Since graduating from Birmingham Conservatoire and the Royal Academy, Julian Vickers and Dan Bovey have racked up numerous prestigious awards, their passion for contemporary music earning them slots on BBC Radio 3’s In Tune and Late Junction. This performance features two major commissions from Joe Cutler and Michael Finnissy, alongside exquisite Baroque pieces by Rameau and smouldering Argentinean tango from Piazzolla.

Regulars in mould-breaking London contemporary series, Nonclassical, Listenpony and Multi-storey, the Abstruckt Ensemble’s awesome foursome add theatricality to their virtuosity, as you can see and hear when they perform an eclectic programme that includes atmospheric works by Freya Waley-Cohen and Thierry De Mey and which ends with Steve Reich’s classic Mallet Quartet, which pits marimbas against vibraphones.


 SET 1    
 Piazzolla  Tango Suite (Vickers-Bovey)   3' 
 Rameau  Le Rappel des Oiseaux; La Poule (Vickers-Bovey)   4'
 William Marsey   Chorale (Vickers-Bovey)   5' 
 De Mey  Table music (Abstruckt Ensemble)   8'
 Interval    15'
 SET 2    
 Eliot Cole  Postludes (Abstruckt Ensemble)      10' 
 Freya Waley-Cohen  Glass (Abstruckt Ensemble)       5'
 Michael Finnissy   Normal Deviates (Vickers-Bovey)   8' 
 Interval    15'
 SET 3    
 Rameau  Les Cyclopes (Vickers-Bovey)   3'
 Joe Cutler  Everyday Music (Vickers-Bovey)   7'
 Reich  Mallet Quartet (Abstrukt Ensemble)  15'

Curated by NightMusic’s Composer in Association, Freya Waley-Cohen

In association with:

 Standard Price
 to include *draught beer (from Level 3 bar only), wine, soft drink or a gin and tonic from the Gin Lounge.
 (*Draught beer includes Carling, Worthington's and Stowford Press Cider)
 Cocktail Package
 to include a cocktail from the Gin Lounge.

Plus an optional £1 postage fee for tickets to be posted.

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