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Ticket Service Charge

Ticket Service Charge Information

We have been looking at simplifying the booking fees for events at St David’s Hall.

What it will mean for you

For most shows* on sale from 1st April 2016 there will be a Ticket Service Charge (TSC) of £3.95 per transaction.

It is likely that many customers will be better off with the new system. Booking Fees which have been in place for many events are charged per ticket; however, the Ticket Service Charge will be applied per transaction so you will only pay £3.95 no matter how many tickets you buy at one time.

How we will use the money

Most of the income generated by ticket sales gets passed directly back to the event promoters, who do not contribute to the cost of running a booking service 24 hours of each day. The income from the Ticket Service Charge will be used in various ways to benefit our customers’ overall experience of visiting the venue.

      • Production, Process & Postage
        The Ticket Service Charge covers the cost of producing your tickets and processing your order.  There is an optional postage fee of £1.00 for tickets to be posted to you by Standard Mail.
      • Continued Provision of Excellent Personal Service
        We aim to provide exceptional service to customers whether they visit us in person, call on the phone or interact with us online. This small charge per transaction will enable us to continue to do this in the face of increasing demands on valuable resources.

        This will insure against possible future options of using an independent external Box Office service, an option we are reluctant to entertain since the fees passed on to our customers in this event would be much higher and there would be a loss of personal contact, support and specialist knowledge of the venue that our customers deserve from us.
      • Investment in New Technologies
        In the fast moving world of new technology, it is easy to get left behind. So that we can be sure we are able to communicate well with audiences of the future, and ensure the venue’s health well into the 21st century, we need to invest in new technology and infrastructure to respond to our customers’ needs in this rapidly developing area. 

We hope you will agree that this small charge will be a valuable way of ensuring we can offer exceptional service and keep providing outstanding experiences for our customers in the face of challenges ahead.

*Some events will be exempt from the TSC - for example events organised by A2 Arts Active and any where the top price is £14.00 or less.

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