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26 August 2015

Tree Fu Tom

1:00 PM

Live on Stage! Premier Stage Productions Ltd & FremantleMedia bring you a spellbinding new show starring the world’s smallest superhero, direct from the smash hit CBeebies series, Tree Fu Tom.

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27 August 2015
28 August 2015
29 August 2015

29 August 2015

The Glam Gala Concert

7:30 PM

Guest conductor and former Glamorgan Youth Orchestra player, Karl Jenkins join The Glam for a memorable night celebrating five decades of musicians, reunited in a performance of choral classics, orchestral opulence and new youth talent.

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30 August 2015
31 August 2015
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BBC National Orchestra of Wales

It seems like only yesterday we launched our first season together, so I'm thrilled to announce our 2015-16 programme. It's a demonstration of how far our relationship has grown and represents everything we do best together: from large symphonic repertoire to refined classical works - our audiences are sure to be enthralled by the concerts to come.

I'm particularly excited to welcome our new Composer-in-Association, Huw Watkins to the team. From the first time we played Huw's Violin Concerto a few years ago I knew this was a composer that we should work with more closely, and greatly look forward to exploring his scores with the orchestra.

Once again we will be collaborating with a wealth of incredible soloists; top international singers for Rachmaninov's The Bells in October, and Mozart's Requiem in January. We also welcome Nicola Benedetti to join us in our season finale, alongside one of my personal favourites in the second half: Mahler's first symphony. There is something about the way that Mahler writes that affects the youngest to the oldest listener - it's full of naiveté, deep sorrow and love; his music will always be on my favourites-list!

I hope that you will continue joining us at St David's Hall as a place where we experience direct contact with each other: witnessing the musicians dedication, with bows flying and percussion thundering, soloists breathing... live music-making enhances our experience, making it all the more tangible and real. So come join us and experience real life, through real music.

Thomas Søndergård
Principal Conductor
BBC National Orchestra of Wales








BBC National Orchestra of Wales





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